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Child Psychiatrist ~ Author ~ Speaker

Meet Dr. Kyle Pruett...

Dr. Kyle Pruett is an internationally known child psychiatrist and expert on children, family relationships, and fathers.

The unique ability to share his medical knowledge and other information in plain English makes him highly sought after by the media, government agencies and the business community. Dr. Pruett inspires and captivates audiences of all kinds at the global level, with a provocative, passionate style, touched by personal warmth and humor.

Here are a few of Dr. Pruett's accomplishments:

  • Clinical Professor of Child Psychiatry at Yale School of Medicine
  • Prominent Author of Award Winning Books
  • International Speaker, who presented at the United Nations' Summit on Fathers
  • Media Personality and Lifetime TV Series Host
  • Columnist and frequent contributor to national publications
  • Pioneering researcher on fathers and their children
  • Consultant to Fortune 500 Companies



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Partnership Parenting
by Kyle Pruett, M.D. and
Marsha Kline Pruett, Ph.D.,

Does it sometimes seem like you and your spouse are on two different planets when it comes to raising your kids? Do you feel annoyed that your partner isn’t acting the “right way”—or doing his or her fair share?


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